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Blog Playground is a blog aimed at helping fellow bloggers.

I’m a PHP developer who creates WordPress plugins for a living, as well as someone who does SEO (search engine optimization).

So, this site is a collection of my years of experience with all things blogging and WordPress.

Here you will find tutorials for creating WordPress plugins and fixing issues, reviews of popular plugins, as well as tips and guides on becoming a better blogger.

Featured Articles

There’s quite a bit here to sift through, but here’s a small list to get you started.

SEO Is Amazingly Easy – A Simple Beginner’s Guide

SEO Beginner's GuideSEO is a lot easier than you think it is. You don’t need to buy professional tools and spend hours doing research. With some basics, and a little effort, you can improve the search engine rankings of your articles very easily.

Come, see how easy it is with my beginners guide to SEO.

Yoast SEO Review for WordPress

Yoast SEO ReviewI’ve been using Yoast SEO for around 6 years now, back when it was called WordPress SEO. I have used a few other tools over the years, but I remain a faithful user of Yoast SEO.

So, I thought I’d review why I enjoy this plugin and why you should check it out.

The Secret to a Successful Blog? Failure and Determination!

Having a Successful BlogI have been blogging since 2009. In those years I have learned a great many things, but that is also after a great many failures along the way.

You have to shrug off the failures, learn from your mistakes, and keep at it. Success is always closer than you think.

How to Make a WordPress Child Theme

WordPress Child Theme

Creating a WordPress child theme is really useful. It will save you the headaches of having changes you made get lost when the theme updates. It’s also surprisingly easy to do, even if you aren’t much of a programmer or designer.

So, check out my full tutorial!

Article Headline Analyzer for Writing Catchy Blog Titles

Headline Analyzer ToolWriting catchy blog titles is a must so you aren’t lost in the sea of other articles covering the same topic.

I discovered a great headline analyzer tool that will really help you create more attractive headlines and in turn get more readers.


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