How to Boost SEO – Perfect Tip for New Blogs & Old

One of the biggest challenges with a new blog is getting it to rank in search engines – to boost SEO for it. The problem is that a new site has no authority yet with Google, Bing, etc., and so getting your articles to rank is hard when you’re competing with blogs that have been established for years.

Plus, a new site is simply not drawing the level of traffic that the competitors are who are veterans, so it’s hard to get the word out there.

It can take months and months before you start seeing your articles showing up in Google. Once you start showing up, then it will often be months and months before you really start to see traffic coming in from Google as you climb through the search results.

That has always been the case for me, and for most everyone else. However, I learned something that had an amazing impact on how quickly I ranked in Google.

It’s not a big secret, and this isn’t my secret to success I’m sharing, just what I’ve learned from those smarter than me.

Also, this SEO boost method works for any blog struggling to rank in search engines and trying to get more traffic. Your blog could be 10 years old and this still works.

It’s actually what I started doing to boost SEO on one of my blogs that is in fact 10 years old, and it works just as well there.

Go Big or Go Home? Nah, Go Small and Go Big!

First up, credit where credit is due. I first learned about doing this by watching Doug Cunnington’s YouTube channel.

Dough Cunnington

Doug has a series of videos covering a method he calls the Keyword Golden Ratio. Definitely check those videos out, but the premiss of it is simple and boils down to one thing really. That thing is finding keywords to rank for that are low volume searches and thus low competition.

See, most of us try to go for those big keywords, even if it’s a longtail one. We want to rank our articles for searches that are getting thousands and thousands of searches a month.

I mean, if 10,000 people are searching for something then why not rank an article for it and get a piece of the pie?

The issue with that for new sites, as noted above, is your blog’s authority when it’s new. Going up against huge, authoritative blogs to rank for keywords that are getting 10,000 monthly searches is going to be near impossible.

So, the idea is to find low volume searches. Doug covers this in detail in that series, but try to find searches with volumes around 250 and less and work on ranking for those.

Even if you don’t follow the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) precisely, you’re still trying to get traffic from low competition keywords, which is far easier to do when your blog is new and can really boost SEO for it.

Older Blogs Benefit As Well

Again, this works just as well for older blogs. If you’re struggling to get organic traffic then spend some time finding lower competition keywords to go after.

The idea is to find quite a few low competition keywords and start ranking quickly. So, if you’ve got 10 articles that are targeting keywords that get 100 monthly searches, and you’re ranking #1 for it, that’s potentially 1,000 more visitors in a month.

You see how easy it is to boost SEO using this method?

Plus, once you start getting that traffic for low competition keywords, your site gains more authority and you can start ranking for higher competition keywords. It’s a win-win.

Keywords Everywhere Tool

The tool I use is called Keywords Everywhere to find search volume. You can go to Google, perform a search, and see how many people are searching for that term a month. It’s a simple tool that’s invaluable for this.

Keywords Everywhere Search Volume

You can find other tools that do the same thing, and that’s cool. As long as you can get monthly search volume with it then you’re good to go.

This SEO Boost Really Works

I have a few sites, and a few of them are niche sites I created to make money from ads and affiliate marketing.

Prior to discovering what Doug had to say, I did the usual of trying to rank for terms that were really out of reach. It didn’t work well, and that’s something this particular blog is struggling with.

I started a new niche site a few months ago and I was determined to make it work. I followed through on Doug’s advice and within 24 hours (seriously), I was already ranking some of my articles!

Seeing the results so quickly showed me I was on the right path. So, I continued to look for low competition keywords and wrote articles about them.

Sure enough, those articles quickly ranked, and soon my traffic was far outpacing any previous site I had launched in such a short time.


As for the money off affiliate marketing and ads, that small blog I’m talking about does more in Amazon sales than my primary blog. That small niche site only gets 15% of the traffic that my large one does. That’s insane!

The other factor for the revenue as well is that the keywords I’m going for are aimed at buyer intent. These are people looking to buy something specific and I’m giving them the information they need.

Between that, and the low competition, I’m in the top 10 for every keyword I’m aiming for. So, when they land on my articles they are ready to make that purchase and I’m just guiding them to it.

The Way Forward

Now, once you’re ranking articles well, and you’re getting traffic, and thus gaining authority, you can then start going after those higher competition keywords. You don’t have to stick with low volume terms, though you can.

Blog Ads

Your blog doesn’t need 100,000 monthly visitors to make money from it. Instead you need the right traffic, and so sticking with lower volume terms can really help you there.

Of course, in theory, the more traffic the more money, and I can’t argue that. However, you need to make sure your articles are good and informative for that to matter. So, make sure you’re writing quality content first, then work on the traffic.


Again, definitely check out what Doug Cunnington has to say on the subject. He explains it well and is an authority on the subject.

I just wanted to pass it along to others who are struggling with getting a new blog off the ground and getting people to it, or to revive an older blog that needs some help. That can be frustrating and disheartening, but stick with it, learn from your mistakes, and move forward.

Now, if you’re after something a bit more in-depth on SEO then I do have a great beginner’s guide to SEO worth checking out. It goes into more detail on some of this stuff, as well as other factors for improving your ranking.

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