How Often Should You Blog for SEO? The Surprising Answer

This is a question we’ve all thought about at one point or another “How often should you blog for SEO?” It’s a tricky question that has no definitive answers either. However, instead of telling you how often you should blog, let me give you my own experiences with blogging.

My Early Days of Blogging

When I started my first blog, Creative Twilight, I wrote an insane amount of articles. I was pushing out an article almost every single day.

Blogging quickly became an addiction and an outlet. I also had minimal knowledge of SEO, didn’t much care at the time, and I just kept hitting publish.

Wild West
It certainly felt like the wild west back when I began blogging.

Most of those early articles were under 300 words. See, Creative Twilight is a hobby blog for a game I play (Warhammer 40K). So, a lot of articles were just me showing pictures of miniatures I was assembling or painting. There wasn’t much in the way of content honestly.

As I said, SEO wasn’t really on my radar at the time. However, I thought if I could put out lots of new content then I would get lots of new readers. I mean, if the content keeps changing then everyone has to keep coming back to see it, right?


Blog Posting Frequency


So, eventually I started doing some minimal SEO work, and I mean minimal. I started trying to post every other day. I had taken on a few other authors on my blog, and between us we were steadily managing a new article every other day.

I was slowly seeing an increase in traffic, but it wasn’t so much for the new content we were churning out. Nope. Instead, people were showing up for the older content that had meat to it, had value.

So, the content that was doing well with SEO, even with my limited knowledge at the time, was driving most of the traffic.

Posting 3-4 articles a week wasn’t doing anything amazing for my SEO. Yet, I wasn’t paying attention to SEO at the time either. However, it did have a good effect.

Getting Google to Trust You

The age of my blog, and the blog posting frequency was getting Google to start trusting my site more. While many of the articles I was creating were worthless for SEO, Google saw that the blog was active, it wasn’t stagnant like so many other blogs, and so they kept sending me traffic slowly.

That is ultimately the trick, getting Google to put value on your site. Having a site that’s been around for years is one way to gain Google’s trust. Along with that is having it be an active site or blog during that duration.

That’s one reason people buy blogs from other people, you can buy something that’s already established with Google and then improve on it. Starting a new blog is tough because you lack content and authority (age). It takes a while to build that up, where (if you have the money) you could buy another blog that has content and authority already.

How Often Should You Blog for SEO?

So, the real question, how often should you blog? Let me break it down a bit.


New Blogs

As you’re launching a new site (much like this site), and trying to build trust and authority with Google, then I would recommend aiming for one article a week.

I find one article a week is a reasonable goal, it’s not too hard to manage, and it keeps Google coming back for new content, making them aware you’re active.

Now, you can do less than that too. Bear in mind though that the slower you post, the slower Google will give your blog value in search rankings.

Of course, if you can post more frequently than once a week then that’s great as well. If you can put out great content every few days then have at it!

Older Blogs

Once Google starts sending you traffic, you’ve gained its trust, then you could step back your blogging to once a month if you wanted. Having had a blog for years, and building up a big library of articles, will be very self-sustaining with search engines.

That is where I’m at with my Creative Twilight blog. I would love to create content more often, but I’ve learned that it’s about quality, not quantity. Putting out one great article every few weeks is far more beneficial for SEO than a crappy article every few days. SEO isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

I’m not saying you need to dial back the posting frequency either. That’s where I’m at, what I’m doing, but I also realize that if I could put out great articles every few days, every days, or even a few times a day, that my blog would grow a lot quicker.

My point is that you don’t have to blog non-stop though to see gains with SEO.

The Big Truth is You Need SEO

If you’re reading this article then you already realize this truth, that you need SEO. It doesn’t matter how many articles you write if none of them have any value to search engines.

Blogging for SEO isn’t about how often you post as much as it is about what you’re posting. If you’re writing articles that nobody is searching for then nobody is going to read it, no matter how good it is.

You need to write articles that people want to read, the stuff they’re searching for, and you need to optimize those articles for SEO.


As I said above, one great article that’s SEO optimized and posted a couple times a month has more value than an article every few days that’s not SEO optimized. SEO is about the quality of what you’re writing, not how often you’re publishing articles.

I had fallen into the trap early on, as noted, of feeling compelled to write new content constantly. It was a stress I put on myself and ultimately it did far more harm than good.

It’s only been in recent years that I’ve come to realize that writing good articles people want to read is better than constantly pushing out lousy content for the sake of some arbitrary deadline I gave myself.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t always have to go after the big topics to get traffic either. Trying to write an article on a heavily covered topic isn’t easy to rank for. However, finding a nice niche topic with little competition can quickly boost your SEO.

Learn from my mistakes. I have spent years since trying to rectify my early ambitiousness. It’s not that I truly harmed my site, thankfully, but I certainly slowed down its growth substantially.


So, the big answer is that there is no true answer. Posting frequently, a few times a week, is a great way to get Google to see you if you’re posting good content. However, don’t stress it. Write as often as you can so long as what you’re writing is useful and valuable to readers.

As mentioned, I only write a few times a month on my authority blog, but those articles I’m putting out are really hefty and carry a lot of weight in search engines.

Set yourself up for success from the start. Write great content and SEO will fall into place.

Here’s a resources that goes into far more depth than I did if you’re interested. Neil Patel has a great article on the subject, lengthy, but good.

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Author: Thor

I started blogging in 2009 for my wargaming blog. I've been blogging ever since. I even created a niche site about miniature storage of all things.

I have created a free 40K roster builder. I've also set up, maintain, and run my wife's site where she sells the Makeup Eraser.

I'm also a PHP programmer for a local web hosting company where I develop WordPress plugins.

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Akash Srivastava

We need to write high-quality, long and in-depth content.


Exactly. Posting a lot doesn’t mean anything for SEO if the content isn’t good.

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Great post.


Thanks. Of course you’ve heard this before anyway 😉

SEO India Rank
SEO India Rank

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SEO India Rank

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