Disqus Popular Posts

Disqus Popular Posts is the first WordPress plugin that I ever created back on December 23rd, 2014. Most of the popular posts plugins work based on traffic, how many visitors a post has had. I wanted something that worked based on how many comments a post had.

How engaged the readers are with a post means more to me than traffic. I’d much prefer to show popularity by comments because it’s a true measure of value. I couldn’t find a WordPress plugin that did that for Disqus. There are plenty for WordPress’ native commenting however.

So, I created Disqus Popular Posts. This is a plugin I use on all of my websites, so I’m constantly updating and improving it.

Disqus Popular Posts has a lot of options available. You can use it as a widget or as a shortcode. Both methods allow for a lot of customization on how it functions, and what the results look like.

Head on over to wordpress.org to download Disqus Popular Posts, or just to get more detailed information. If you are looking for support then please use the WordPress support forums. The support forums makes to easier to keep track of issues.